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It is important to realise that there are several different kinds of car checks available in Melbourne, so getting the right inspection can be a tricky matter. However, with a little research it becomes simple. Even if you do not know much about cars you can be sure to get a great check for you needs.

The first kind of inspection and the most common kind is simply a safety inspection. This checks your vehicle for roadworthiness by making sure all the lights work and there are not any dangerous cracks or structural faults. It is a pretty simple check, and is required to drive your vehicle in Melbourne. As a result, virtually every car owner has been through one of these checks. The only exceptions are those in rural areas who do not have any licensed inspectors nearby!

The other type most people are familiar with is the pre purchase check. This involves a detailed inspection of the entire vehicle. The inspector does not just look for obvious safety problems in this case. Rather, he looks for any excessive wear or parts that are likely to give out or may already need to be replaced. Essentially, this check determines whether or not the car is a good value. However, some people get confused because Victoria also requires sellers to do a pre purchase safety check. It is important to make sure that a mechanic that you, the buyer, hire does a more thorough check as well.

Those are the two most common forms of car checks in Melbourne. Always be sure you are getting the right one for your situation!